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Diamond 7.2 Anniversary Bookshelf Speakers

Diamond 7.2 Anniversary Bookshelf Speakers

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The Wharfedale Diamond 7.2 is a compact bookshelf loudspeaker designed for budget-conscious audiophiles seeking high-quality sound reproduction. Priced at $307.97, they inherit the legacy of the revolutionary Wharfedale Diamond series from the '80s.


  • Dimensions: 29 x 19 x 23 cm
  • Two-way, two-speaker configuration
  • Rear-firing bass reflex system
  • Special plastic compound front baffle and rear panel for reduced resonancy
  • Affordable pricing for budget-oriented audio enthusiasts

Design and Construction

  • Front baffle and rear panel made of a special plastic compound to dampen unwanted resonances
  • Visually non-intrusive design with a focus on functionality over aesthetics
  • Compact size suitable for placement on stands in various living spaces

"The Light of a Diamond"

  • Bright sound profile ideal for quick A-B-C...-Z comparisons
  • Enjoyable, tonally balanced performance with crystal-clear female voices and cymbals
  • Impressive tweeter performance, delivering added air without harshness
  • Dynamic mid-to-high range with occasional brightness at high volumes

Bass Range

  • Honest and brave bass reproduction without artificial enhancements
  • Fast, tight, and clean bass suitable for pop/rock genres
  • Enjoyable performance with classical orchestral or organ works

3D Imaging

  • Recreates a deep soundstage when placed away from the rear wall
  • Slightly limited height in the soundstage; recommended to use tall stands
  • Good focus with the image leaning towards the center during complex musical tracks

Advice for Optimal Performance

  • Use good-quality stands for optimal positioning
  • Place the speakers away from rear and side walls to ensure proper airflow
  • Pair with a budget amplifier capable of driving low impedances (e.g., NAD, Rotel, Arcam)
  • Allow for a break-in period of at least 50 hours for optimal performance
  • Best suited for medium-to-small listening rooms; not recommended for large spaces

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